Road Trip Snacks In Good Health

Posted on 27. Jun, 2011 by in Food

When traveling this summer, be sure to bring/buy snacks that fuel your body and allow you to stay focused. And ignore that double double greasy burger with shake for only $1.

*Avoid junk food , which increases your sleepiness.  Protein and complex carbs are the key.

*Select things that don’t stain or spill down your front. You’ll appreciate easy to handle food and not drop, plop, dripping food. You want to arrive at your destination looking great and not like Uncle Buck aka John Candy.

*Choose sandwiches that don’t have exploding, dripping or oozing ingredients.  Like a bagel with cream cheese or a pita pocket.  Skip the tomato, mayo and mustard.  Try hummus, cream cheese, mashed avocado or Laughing Cow cheese on your sandwiches as a spread.

*Pack veggies and fresh fruit that can travel without being refrigerated. Try celery, bell peppers, carrots, snap peas, apples, grapes and bananas.

*Bring nutritious food that can be easily passed around the car. This is nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, jerky, granola, pretzels, corn nuts, mini muffins and mini sausage sticks. World Market even has traveling hummus that does not require being kept cold. Some of these options are not low-calorie but are healthy.

*Freeze juice, water and teas in water bottles.  Can even freeze juice boxes. You can drink as they thaw or take them out, set it on the dashboard and in no time it will be a slushy drink and very refreshing. It keeps you away from the soft drinks/pop/soda.

*Bake cookies or dessert bars and put them into row boxes.  Each “row” of the car gets their own box. This keeps the arguing in order and allows you to account for whose eating how many.

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