Lighten Up Your Snacks

Posted on 14. Nov, 2010 by in Food

You are hungry but don’t want to eat the wrong food. Here are some tips to snacking.

1. Swap the handful of tortilla chips and guacamole for baked pita chips and salsa.  The tomatoes in the salsa pack Vit. A & C.

2. Skip the Whip. Like a afternoon pick-me-up drink? Skip the whipped cream on top of your coffee.  Get the sweet taste with a sprinkle of vanilla or chocolate powder.

3. Green Up Your Smoothie.  Smoothies have a lot of good ingredients, but also have serious calorie count.  Try blending zero-calorie green tea rather than milk.  You will get a caffeine kick as well.

4. If you need a cool treat, skip the ice cream and go for a 100% All Fruit frozen pop.

5. Who doesn’t love pie? But take the fruit out of the pie and put it fresh into a bowl with fat-free frozen yogurt or just fat free greek yogurt and honey/aguave nectar.

6. Kick up the heat on your favorite salads and you will eat less.  Add some extra cayenne power to your potato salad and you will eat less. And cayenne is said to curb your appetite.

7. Appetizers for a party, cut the calories and sodium.  Instead of Pigs-In-A-Blanket, take thinly slice prosciutto and wrap it around a slice of cantaloupe, securing with a toothpick. This treat cuts carbs and boost your Vit. A & C.

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