Cooking dinner this summer got you a little crazed? Check this out…

Posted on 01. Jul, 2012 by in Food

3 Weeks of Cheap Dinners, ready in under 15 minutes.

There is a $100.00/week food budget and I pick my meals off of the following list. Of course, We could eat healthier, but this is a huge jump from where we were and it works with our schedule, we can get even healthier in the next phase. For now, we need food we want to eat, on the table in 15 minutes or less.


We also buy a huge pack of mixed greens and a bottle of dressing from wegmans each week and serve salad every night. ($5.99 for the club pack of mixed greens, and $1.29 for wegmans salad dressing).

Totals are what it will cost you to buy all of the ingredients… Not per serving.

Click here for the great menus, ingredients and directions. Thanks to Rosemarie Groner for a awesome tool!

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