Wednesday’s “Get me through it!” Workout

Posted on 09. May, 2012 by in Exercises

Arghh, Wednesday!! Not yet the weekend, but at least getting through the week.  Here is a little ditty we put together this week for the BootCamp RockIt Mammas! You can do this at home or the gym, by yourself or with the kids or even friends! 

Each exercise is 1 minute. Do this circuit three times with only 2 min rest at end. During recovery 2 min, walk around. Do not sit!


1. Full body sit ups (add 10 lbs weight for advanced).

2. Wall sit with shoulders against wall & chin up. (Add in-n-outs of knees for advanced).

3. Prisoner squats (deep squat with weight in heels and hands behind head).

4. Walking lunges w/ glute lift. (add 10 lbs weight to each shoulder for advanced).

5. One leg on bench, standing leg bent, weight in glutes, quick upper cut punches. (Add 5 lbs. Weights to each hand for advance).

6. Plank hip dips. Plank on elbows and rotate hips to touch ground. (Full extension plank for advanced).

7. Plank, hands @ 12 & feet @ 6. Pushup and rotate hands to 3 and feet to 9 without losing plank. Do 12, 3, 6 & 12.


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