Crunchless Ab Workout

Posted on 26. Aug, 2012 by in Exercises

Do you dread doing crunches, sit-ups and bicycles? Some despise these and some love them. But you don’t have to dread them or even do them to work your core/abs.

Here are 3 crunchless exercises to work that core. Do each exercise for 10-15 seconds, then move immediately onto the next exercise. At the end of all 3 exercises, rest for 30-45 seconds and begin again. Do 10-12 reps of each exercise. You will feel and see results very soon if you are dedicated to it.

1. Standard Plank. Start off on your knees and when you feel strong enough, move to full body plank on your toes. Remember to drop your booty, tuck your tailbone under and squeeze your abs as tight as you can. Watch Bob do a plank for you, by clicking here. The goal is 1 minute or longer.  To begin, start at 10 seconds, then move to the next exercise.

2. Oblique Twist Plank.  In a full body plank, on your toes, start to rotate your hips to touch the floor. Engaging obliques and core. If you watched Bob’s video above he did a modified oblique twist plank, because he hips did not completely touch the floor. The goal is 1 minute or longer. To begin, start at 10 seconds then move to the next exercise.

3. Superman/Batman. Lying on your stomach, start with lifting your arms overhead and off the floor. Lift your feet and shins off the floor at the same time so only your torso is on the floor. Engage your core and back muscles. Click here for a video of Superman. Then with your legs off the floor, bend your arms at our elbows and make a goal post position. Hold each position for 10 seconds continusously then rest. Superman (10 seconds)/Batman (10 seconds) without a break. After completeing this exercise rest for 30 seconds.


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