5 Minute Fat Burners

Posted on 06. Jan, 2012 by in Exercises

No time to get a full work out in? No kidding! Slip into one or more of these cardio blasters. It just takes a little initiative to think of more. Let us know which ones you like or thought of and share. 

1. Push back the furniture and Hula-a-Hoop. (42 calories)

2. Jump rope as fast as you can. (One of my favorites!) (68 calories)

3. Do walking lunges down the hallway. (45 calories)

4. Run around the block (62 calories)

5. Shovel snow – someone’s got to do it. (34 calories)

6. Build a sand/snow man. (27 calories)

7. Turn on Dance Party and rock out. (45 calories)

8. Speed grocery shopping. (22 calories)

9. Vacuum the biggest room in the house. (20 calories)

10. Rock out to your favorite pop/dance song while waiting for the water to boil. (26 calories)

11. Challenge your kids to a snowball fight. May take more than 5 minutes to build your ammunition pile! (34 calories)

12. Power through jumping jacks. (45 calories)

13. Walk/Run up and down the stairs. (36 calories)

14. Speed clean your kitchen just in case that nosy neighbor “pops” by. (23 calories)

15. Jog in place while waiting for your nails to dry, just don’t flub them. (45 calories)

16. Bounce on a stability ball during commercials of your favorite show, ie. The Biggest Loser. (58 calories)

17. Sample one of the free workouts on the New Pilates App from itunes.

18. Take on any challengers to a game of Ping-Pong or Air Hockey. (23 calories)

19. Do as many push-ups as you can. (45 calories)

20. Play games from grade school (hopscotch, 4 square or dodge ball). (24 calories)

Thanks to fitbit.com and health.com for inspiration.

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