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Family Time: Need More Quality Time?

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Want more quality time with the kids? Consider adding one of these creative activities to the family schedule.



Pumpkin Soup (for Diabetics)

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Need a soup for a someone with diabetes? Check this out! Who doesn’t love pumpkin soup in the fall? Now, there is a recipe for all types!  (more…)

Health Tip: Less Sodium in Beans

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Rinse canned beans with cold water before cooking to remove some of the sodium used in processing. Add to meals for dietary fiber & protein!  (more…)

RockIt Mom’s Healthier Chicken Pot Pie

Posted on 09. Oct, 2012 in Food

Chicken Pot Pie was requested yesterday by RockIt Son. I could not imagine making one of those 5,000 calories dinner. So I started working on it and improvised here and there.  I would post pictures of it, but the family loved it and ate it so fast, I barely got any!  Even the carnivore loving – “don’t feed me health food” RockIt Hubby loved it!  (more…)

Tips are taking a new twist — Monday’s Tip

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Since I started this blog, I have had the same tips at the beginning of the week. Now its time for a change. I am going to post random tips throughout the whole week. This will make it shorter and easier reading and quicker references for topics. Remember when you saw “that great idea about sunscreen”? But what tip was it under? Now we are in for a new avenue of tips easier to find and retrieve.  Let me know if you like it?

Monday’s Tip - INSOMNIA

Do you suffer from insomnia? Or some type of sleep deprivation? This question does not apply to new moms or moms of newborns.  You won’t be able to sleep until they are in elementary school.

In the past few months, one of my favorite hobbies – SLEEPING, has been hindered by INSOMNIA! Why is that? There are so many reasons possible and yet the true reason evades me. If you too are suffering from lack of sleep, here are some tips to change/alter to get back to the happy zzz’s.

1. Mate snoring? Move him, roll him over, get him a CPAP or boot him to the guest room.

2. Lights and/or TV on? Turn them off. Your body needs, yes CRAVES, darkness to sleep. Since the time of Cavewomen, our bodies need that darkness to slow our hearts down, relax and slumber into deep REM. Think of hibernating, could you sleep for months with the sun beating into your cave? No way! Thus, the hibernating animals retreat to a dark cave.  If you have lights or a TV on, your body/mind will not relax or calm itself into preparation for sleep.

3. Stress or replaying the day? Give yourself 5 minutes to review today’s events, the TO DO List for tomorrow and your stressors. After 5 minutes, close the door on these issues, do 5 minutes of deep breathing and calmly think of a happy scene or event. If that doesn’t seem to keep the stressors away, do some calm meditating.  Think in your head about calmness, your breathing and concentrate on your beating heart.

4. Physical Pain? Is your back still aching? Pounding headache? About 20 minutes before you climb into bed, take your needed medication for your ailment.  Be sure to take it with a cracker or toast. Even medication that does not require food, it is still better to calm your stomach and give it a little “treat” so the medication can be absorbed faster. After your medication, do your stretching, deep breathing, or muscle manipulations to tell the body, it is now time to let the pain go and get ready for sleep so your body can recover.

Have you ever thought about the Disney Characters that also suffer from sleep issues? A doctor actually did the research and wrote a notable paper on Disney Characters’s with Sleep Problems. Now when you can’t sleep, don’t feel bad, Sleepy, the dog in Cinderella and Gepetto’s snoring all can’t sleep either.