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Last Weekly Tips for 2011

Posted on 26. Dec, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, 2011 is on its way out. If you feel like me, it never really took off, did it? Seemed like a repeat of 2010! Nothing really spectacular this year. OK,  I know I will get comments so I will acknowledge the “Royal Wedding”, the OMG and TMZ updates, the “K” family who I cannot stand/watch/tolerate, the war and conquers in the Middle East and the rise/fall of the economic status. But in reality, we are healthy, happy and a loving family — most of the time. So as we say good bye to this year and look forward to the next, reflect on the good, forget the bad and ignore the ugly.

This week’s tips are not so dedicated to previous formats but more of interesting articles and thoughts I have had over the past few weeks.  (more…)

Weekly Tips for Dec. 19, 2011

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Not only are the holidays here, but in full swing.  Parties, cookies, sweets, fudge, cocktails, appetizers, caroling, sleigh rides, Christmas lights and shopping! How do you keep your sanity and stress under control? As the Mom in your household, it is your responsibility to keep everyone happy, the house clean, the gifts bought and wrapped, baking and decorating cookies, and keeping the whole family happy and in the spirit! That is more than enough to send anyone over the edge and into a vat of Christmas martinis and decorated cookies! This week’s tips are to be there for you! (more…)

No more Daylight Savings — UUGGHH!

Posted on 13. Dec, 2011 in Fitness

HEALTH TIP – It is still dark out, I don’t wanna get up!


These dark fall mornings are going to make it tough to climb out of bed. When you should be up and the gym, hiding under the sheets is not a good alternative. Since, daylight saving ending today, hopefully these tips can help the not-so-morning people get up and get moving before the sun comes up. (more…)

Every Morning is a New Chance to get Healthy

Posted on 11. Dec, 2011 in Food, Uncategorized

A friend recently said she needs one week of eating healthy and working out and she will be on track. That is a great achievable goal, but it is definitely going to take more than one week.  Studies show, most people are excited and dedicated to a new “healthy lifestyle” Monday to Wednesday. Then comes Thursday, getting closer to the weekend, Friday with donuts at the office and happy hour. Once the weekend hits, all healthy ideas are out the window. That “one week” is really only about 3 days and it keeps re-starting every Monday. So, in reality you need more than a week. We all know you can’t change everything at once.  Little modifications which once they become habit, then onto the next modification. This week we are starting with our first modification: Eating Healthy. (more…)

Holiday Fun

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Being a Christmas junkie, we try to cram as much holiday festivities in as possible. Usually, I scour the papers, magazines and websites for all the good stuff to do, but this year it has been done for me. No use in re-inventing the wheel!! Here it is, thanks to 365 Things to Do in North County. Christmas Festivities in North County San Diego.  (Just found out they only update this page on Fridays, so if you go in early in the week it will be the previous week’s events.)   Here is another great site with Holiday Celebrations. (more…)

What to Buy the Men in Your Life?

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Time to trudge out to the mall or become very intimat with our laptops, trying to find that perfect gift for the men in our lives. Never fear, RockIt Mom is here or at least making some suggestions. Here they are, and feel free to add to the them as well: (more…)